How do we deliver the book(s)?

  • The book is packed and protected in a carton package that is specially made for sending books.  
  • We send the book by a professional transportfirm.


How much are the shipping costs?

  • Delivery price for FRANCE is 5 euro
  • Delivery price for the rest of EUROPE is 20 euro
  • Delivery price for SWITZERLAND is 30 euro
  • Delivery price for outside of EUROPE (rest of the WORLD) is 40 euro

Select the shipping cost after you have filled in your billing and shipping address.

Click on the screenshot to see how the shipping selection looks like



I have a promo / coupon code. How do I apply the code?

Fill in your promo / coupon code before you go to the checkout process. See screenshot where to fill in the code to make no mistakes. 

Click on the screenshot to see how to apply the promo / coupon code



Can I change my billing address and/or the delivery address?

Yes you can. See screenshot how to change or apply the billing and/or shipping address.

Click on the screenshot to see how to change the billing and/or shipping address




I have a TVA Number and want an invoice for my company. How do I receive it?

If you haven't receive the invoice, please mail us via the contact form. Mention your order number in the mail and we'll mail you the request invoice. 


How do I pay?

The payment is done via Paypal. However you don't need a paypal account to do a payment by a credit card like Visa, Mastercard, ...

Paypal offers to do payments without being a paypal client.


Can I receive a signed copy by the artist of the book?

Yes you can, nevertheless it will take more time to send you the signed copy. 

For a signed copy we need to know for who the book will be. The artist only signs books individually for a specific person. So we need a name for who he has to sign the book. He doesn't sign books without mentioning the name of the person. 

For a signed book an additional price of 40 euro is requested as we have to organize the delivery of the book to the artist and back. So the total price of a signed book will be 100 euro + delivery costs. 

Sometimes the artist does signings on lectures and presentations of the book. Then there're no extra costs for the signing. To know when he does this we recommend to subscribe on his website or to follow him on twitter, linkedIn and/or Facebook.